Canadian Paralympic Committee launches #ParaToughChallenge

Two weeks ago, Channel 4, the United Kingdom’s Paralympic broadcaster launched a three-minute trailer for their coverage of the 2016 Games. We’re the Superhumans took para-sport hype to levels unimaginable even a decade ago.

This week, the Canadian Paralympic Committee responded in Sgt Pepper vs Pet Sounds style.

The ParaTough Training Series features 14 Rio-bound Paralympians including basketball star Cindy Ouellet and swimmers Benoît Huot and Aurélie Rivard. The workout series, the first of its kind led entirely by Canadian Paralympians, is designed to allow fans to experience a little of what para-athletes competing at the elite level do to pursue their dreams and goals.

27-year-old Ouellet, who will be competing at her third Paralympics in Rio, wants Canadians to get involved.

“Doing this series was a fantastic opportunity to show Canadians how hard our team has been training for Rio,” said the Quebec native who is featured in one of the training videos doing one-arm chin ups while in her wheelchair.

“I invite all Canadians to try the workouts themselves, and to take the #ParaToughChallenge by trying one of the exercises, posting it on social media, and then challenging your toughest friends to tackle it themselves.”

The ParaTough Training Series includes:

The ParaTough campaign will be featured on TV, radio, print, digital and can be viewed in its entirety at,

The Canadian Paralympic Committee will be sending approximately 160 athletes to compete in 19 sports at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, which take place Sept. 7 to 18.

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